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Amazing! The upgrades to add replayability were great! My hishcore was 262! The graphics wer amazing too, I love this draw style. Congratulations!

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with the four upgrades, aiming at the last balloon (in the bottom right corner)and firing continuously without moving led me to 302. :) nice game.


You hit 300!? You've got the highest score out of anyone I know! Congrats!

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Good job! it's like Missile Command but way less depressing!

Good artwork too, especially using only one colour (kind of)

edit: Best Milo Count: 203


Thanks for playing! :D

haha, that was fun! I loved it. Very creative game, and expandable if you wanted!

Thank you so much for playing :)

Wow, really engaging game. Quite original and fun. Beat my record, i get 257 xd

Thank you for playing! 257 is a really solid score :D

Really love the idea. The simplicity and cuteness really make this for me, brilliant idea executed well. Great job! I noticed a bug where sometimes a milo will be always holding a balloon, and then will pick up a different colored one before flying away.

Thanks for playing! Really really glad you enjoyed it! After all the time I spent play-testing, I just knew one bug would get through unscathed... :D

It is just a graphical error, so it was not a big deal. Thanks for your submission. If you have a minute I'd love some feedback on my game. This is my first game jam.

I will do!


Oooof, what a game! Really liked, visuals are great, game is polished and very funny to play! I even didnt expect the shop to be in this game but you even had time to add it! Great game, good job


Thank you so much for checking it out! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, made all that work totally worth it. :)

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You worth it, my friend, would love to hear some feedback about my game too, if u don’t mind